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Do Something Extra to Make Your Happy Valentines Day Remarkable

Valentines Day without a gift is like a day without smile. It is very important to have a section of Valentines Day gifts on this very special day. Gifts are something that can express your words deep down inside which your words can do. Gifts you spouse something special that they have never expected or wish to receive from you and trust me they will feel luckiest person on this earth. The Valentines Day gift ideas are very simple for this day as the day of lovers can accept any gifts which are given by lover. You can gifts many things like baby cupid with wings, perfumes and many more are there to impress your spouse with them. There are different sections of gifts that are gifted to both the genders that are different for males and different for females.

The Valentines Day gift for him should be different from the gift which you give him on any occasion. Boys love gadgets so if you have good budget then you can opt for musical section like I Pod, I phone or you can also gift him a digital photo frame. If you budget is not high so no need to worry at all you can also get some good gifts for him. You can gift him love tokens as they are in the fashion, trendy watches, love pillow case set, sweet treasure chest, missing you puzzles, coffee mugs with his name engraved and many uncountable gifts are there which can make him really special.

When it comes to the Valentines Day gift for her you need to be choosy as girls like those gifts which are not to costly but cute enough to handle. You can gift your girl a beautiful pair of T-shirts or short shirts if she wears them, chocolate boxes, teddies, jewelry, ladies watch, perfumes, hand bags, make over kits and many more are there. You can buy all the girly things which can impress her. You can also gift her gadgets like cell phones or I pods as girl now days going gadgets crazy too.

Apart from normal gifts there are certain sections of Valentines Day unique gift in our list. The gifts like chocolate, teddy, cupid and red roses are very common things. The day of Valentine comes once in a year so why not celebrate it with some unique gifts. You can plan unique gifts for your loved ones like spa tickets where you can go together and enjoy, candle light dinner can again a best option, small over night trip can be fantastic idea, pool side party can be new idea to it and there are many personalized way to make this special moment more special and gift unique gifts to her or him. You can also have beach side dinner with chill champagne and delicious different cuisine foods which by loved by you both. These ideas can really work if you want to make it special.

Did You Dread Valentines Day

The tradition of Valentines Day with its Hallmark fueled frenzy has taken on a life of its own. Studies show that many people, especially men hate Valentine's Day. This is particularly true of men who feel like they can't get a handle on what is expected of them during this time. Traditions that play out mechanically add stress, guilt and depression to relationships trying to find balance. This can sometimes make us feel isolated from the masses. Let's be honest. Admitting that you hate Valentine's Day is like saying you hate puppies and warm fuzzy kittens.

I remember one Valentine's Day a colleague of mine came into my office in a huff. He snickered, flailing his arms in an expansive gesture of frustration. His eyeballs rolled back in his head as he groaned, +do you know I counted 42 pieces of red clothing on women today?+ You know the typical, red blouses, little earrings that are worn to celebrate the day. He was clearly exasperated by the whole thing. +Why do women do this kind of thing anyway?+

I grinned as he flopped into a chair. +What's the real problem Dennis?+ +I don't get it,+ he said, +You know I can't win with what I get her. She says she doesn't want anything, but you know if I don't get something I will never hear the end of it. And the worst is I have to get something bigger and better every year, its hopeless!+

I didn't think it was the best time to tell him that for some women it is probably one of the few times in a year that they can count on some kind of validation. A time when someone openly tells them that they are special, loved and cherished. Some women and men need to hear the words and see it on paper, some don't. This difference depends on expectations.

Expectation for Valentines is usually based in childhood celebrations, and the meaning that was placed on the day. This is driven home daily by media messages +to show her you care, give her a +fill in the blank.+ We know that Valentines Day can add to our loneliness and depression if we are not in a relationship, because it reminds us that we are alone in the world. There is no mirror image, no one to validate who we are, make us feel special.

On the other hand, when we are in a relationship there are all of these things we need to do to nurture each other. As my coworker above stated, it feels like a no win situation. As the relationship evolves, building little traditions of our own, we find less need to be validated in this way. But, it is only when we see ourselves as special that we stop looking to other people to show us our core beauty. The love we want is really inside, in our core self, and not external to us.

Feeling that someone should buy candy, roses or other romantic gifts is far from romantic for the buyer or the receiver. Even so, buying some routine gift that means little to the sender or recipient is meaningless, unless it is part of a belief system that was nurtured from childhood. So, make that a part of your discussions as you get to know each other. If you can't see yourself doing it, then you better get that straight up front.

People often feel guilty and stressed when they don't live up to another's idealized romantic expectations. Planning romantic moments together can be fun, energizing and cement the relationship. That said, it is only fun if you share the idealized expectation. This doesn't have to be expensive trips, and it can be finding creative ways to get away from the kids for a few hours. There are many ways to show love that costs nothing. Love notes placed in a clean shirt, unexpected phone calls to each other to say you were thinking of each other, the list is endless.

What helps is to find out where the guilt is coming from and discuss this honestly with your loved one. If you don't like doing Valentines, but it is important to the other person, ask yourself what it would take to make it happen. Could you live with this? Could you find another way to show you care? If someone needs more than you can give, then find out why they need it and what keeps you from giving it. This in and of itself will deepen the relationship.

So, what makes people feel loved? A better question might be, +How have we learned to feel loved?+ This is different for everyone. Some people need gifts, while others would rather have your time, eye contact and to really be seen or have their efforts recognized. Some people need to have things done for them and that makes them feel loved. From a gender standpoint, men tend to experience love through sex, while women experience it through physical closeness and communication.

There are many other ways we feel loved, but in the long run it is someone taking the time to know what makes us tick. This makes us feel recognized and validated. As you get clarity on needs and wants assume nothing, talk to each other about what is wanted and needed.

+ Get straight what you both need to +feel+ the energy and passion of the relationship.

+ Find your beauty and sense of worth within you, no one can see it if you can't.

+ Find meaningful and creative ways to express your love that is shaped by both of your expectations and needs. Make a game of it; exploring these ideas can be fun.

+ Gratitude helps, what does your partner give to the relationship that keeps you around? Let him or her know that these things are important to you.

+ Talk to each other! The Valentine Tradition may not be all that important to either of you. If it is, could it be expressed in a way that is agreeable to both? Share your thoughts, wants and needs. What can you live with?

Besides all of this, feigned sugary sweetness is the opposite of true love. From the perspective of the relationship, love is a life time of give and take. Love always stands alone. Love needs nothing in the eye of the beholder. When we are loved deeply, we can feel love's power radiating back and forth, from the heart. Like an ancient dance moving in rhythm to the beat of our soul.

Are Ideas For Valentines Now Too Commercialized

There's certainly a reason why we consider that Valentines Day is a marketed festivity of love. Thus, can we just ignore it; decline to get swept up in the information we all are attacked with to purchase a card, reserve with a diner and decide on a gift for the special person in our life?

What if you were to bring to mind Valentines Day and the posts covering pretty much every place as useful as opposed to a marketable gimmick to acquire funds from your own wallet for Valentines gifts? When we obtain a toothache it directs all of us to go to the dental office, a modification of season reminds us of the employment needed in the garden and Valentines Day like it or loath it reminds us to generally be thankful for having a precious Valentine in our life. Now I would most likely expect that you show your companion in life just how much you worry more regularly than once a year. Nevertheless, Valentines Day is considered the one day each year that you share with couples all over the world. Upon the 14th of February couples all over the place are recognizing their attachment, it's a celebration so why not join in on the occasion and sense the passion!

Of course I'm definitely not advising that each couple ought to turn loony and soak one another with presents mainly because it's Valentines Day. I'm indicating you need to do something relevant to acknowledge the day and your love. What's appropriate? This is distinct for just about every couple, in case you always keep the following in mind when looking into ideas for Valentines you're certain to have it most suitable and possess a fantastic time.

On Valentines Day and genuinely every other period you could be purchasing Valentines presents, the key is to bear in mind it's not about yourself. Anyone may think flowers are a waste of income since they die a week subsequently - hard! If your particular partner delights in blooms get that bouquet right now, and don't suggest a word in regards to the price! Alternatively in case your special someone is someone who believes bouquets ought to be left in the garden, don't get them a bunch due to the fact you recognize them as a symbol of love, try to remember it's certainly not about you. Just ask yourself: What does he/she like?

Precisely what can make them seriously feel cherished, indulged and relished? Probably eating with nature, looking for a new eating place, a polite card which includes a customised note, breakfast in bed, a massage therapy, or a intimate holiday You comprehend them best so get that important information and be sure your ideas for Valentines Day are the kind that will make sure it's a day to consider. Oh and don't let your ideas for Valentines rest till the last minute okay?

Hope for the most special Valentines this year!

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A Gift Basket for Faraway Family Members

I know very well what it's like to have family who live far away.  When I was growing up, my grandparents and aunts/uncles and cousins lived across the ocean.  When I had my own kids, their grandparents and aunts/ uncles lived on the other side of the country.  Now that my sister has 2 small children, the youngest of whom I've never met, this being far away has hit me again.  How can we show far away family, especially when children are involved, that we want to be close and stay connected?

We could design a gift basket for family members who live far away, just to say we care.   We would put into it several mementos that make the distance between us seem smaller.

If we have young children, we could send grandparents a digital picture frame.  In case you're wondering what a digital picture frame is; it is a device about the size and shape of a picture frame that has a LCD screen.  The screen displays multiple photos in a slide show format, and it connects to the Internet via the phone line to download new pictures and information to display.  You use your computer to upload photos to a website and every day the frame uses the phone line to connect to the website and download any new photos.  This is an ideal way to send digital photos of the family to grandparents who lack a computer and/or the skills to use one.

We could also include a DVD, or a video depending on the equipment we and they have, of some recent activity; perhaps our child scoring a goal at soccer or performing in a recital, or even just a family picnic or something like that.  Photos are great, certainly better than nothing, but they just don't show you what the child is really like as well as video does. They don't give you as much of a feeling of being there as a movie does.   We could also include a tape (either audiotape or videotape) of our child giving the recipient a special message.

Of course we could always send regular photos too.  One idea to make a photo special is to cut out the shape of the children (the important part) and have it glued onto a plastic block so that it stands upright by itself.  Another idea is to frame the photo in a magnetic frame that is suitable for the holiday so that it is easy to put on the fridge.  I have one on my fridge right now that is a heart frame for Valentines Day.  You can often get these at places like Target.  We could include a picture the child has drawn or painted, or even a small thing the child has made himself if the child likes to do crafts.

Of course, most of these ideas are not just for children and grandparents, although I know that the time when you feel the farthest away from your family is when either you are a child away from grandparents, or you are away from a small child, especially a grandchild.  These ideas can be applied to any faraway family members.   When family members move away is when they most need to know that we're thinking of them.  A gift basket would be a great way to reassure them of this.

7 Wonderful Valentines Day Gifts For Wife That She'll Love

Valentines day is a very special time to show your wife how much you love her. I'm sure she attends to the daily household chores and your needs without expecting much in return. Once a year, you have an opportunity to show your appreciation of your relationship.

Online you'll find lots of Valentines day specials on traditional gifts like candy and flowers. While these two ideas are always a good choice, there are some other ideas you may want to use to add a little extra special TLC to your gift giving.

Things I Love About You Box + Sit down and think of 10 + 20 things that you really love about your wife. Write them down on small pieces of paper and put them in a special box. You can decorate a shoebox or buy any nice looking box. In addition to your sentiments, you can add in candy, poems, photos, special trinkets and whatever else you'd like. This is something your wife will treasure for a lifetime.

Candlelight Dinner for Two + If you enjoy cooking, whip up a special meal for just the two of you. You can find many great Valentines day recipes online. If you don't want to cook, go to a specialty supermarket or food store and have them prepare dishes for you to take home. Remember to buy some nice candles and candle holders. Put on some soft music in the background and walla!

Silver or Gold Heart Necklace + A necklace in the shape of a heart needs no explanation as to its meaning. It's a perfect way to say +I Love You+ in a sophisticated way. You can find a great selection of heart necklaces online made of gold or silver. A diamond encrusted heart shaped necklace is a popular choice. Other stunning choices include gemstones, cubic zirconia, pink or blue diamonds, and the always elegant pearl necklace.

Romantic Scrapbook + One of the more unique romantic gift ideas are Valentines day scrapbooks filled with precious memories of adventures the two of you have experienced together. Scrapbooks are relatively easy to put together, but they do require some thought. There are dozens of scrapbook albums to choose from. You can include items like photos, poems, stories, recipes, drawings, favorite romantic spots, etc. Get creative and add in some fun scrapbook stickers. Your local craft store should have plenty of scrapbooking supplies.

Love Coupon Book + I bet you've received countless coupon books from local stores that offer discounts on special purchases. You can imitate this type of booklet and make your own love coupons for Valentines day. Decide what kinds of things you're willing to give to your wife at her request. It may be a romantic evening together, a walk in the park, a movie date, a bouquet of her favorite flowers, cleaning the house, a day of peace and quiet, a special dinner for two, a total body massage, etc. Your wife will be able to redeem these coupons whenever she wishes.

Romantic TV/Movie DVD + When it comes to romantic movies, there are literally hundreds of choices. Some are tearjerkers, others dramatic. You can also do a search online and find the best romantic comedy movies. If you and your wife enjoy sitting down together and watching this type of movie, these movies make a nice romantic gift that can be enjoyed over and over again. After you give her the movie, immediately make a movie date so the two of you can watch it together.

Relaxing Bath Basket + You know how good it feels to sink into a nice warm bath after a long day. This is one of the most relaxing things we humans can do to relieve stress. Your wife will really appreciate an array of bath products just for her use. Your Valentines day gift basket can include items like: Scented Bubble Bath, Bath Salts, Herbal Shower Gel, French Soap, Shea Butter Soap, Herbal Shampoo, Rich Moisturizing Lotion, Big Fluffy Towel, Loofah Back Scrubber, Candles and any other items you think will go nicely with this theme.

7 Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace Ideas Under $100 for Valentines Day

Heart shaped pendant necklaces are always an excellent choice for Valentines day and on a budget of $100 it is possible to get some stunning pieces. The heart shaped necklace pendant is the perfect symbol of your affection making it the perfect sentimental gift for your Valentine.

Heart shaped pendants come in a few forms. Diamond or Garnet heart shaped stones are popular as well as silver or gold heart lockets. In more modern times open sterling silver hearts and multiple, intertwined silver and gold hearts (sometimes embellished with diamonds, topaz or other stones) are becoming increasingly popular.

This list is some of the best heart shaped pendant necklaces available for people on a $100 budget and they are all really great quality. However, if you have a slightly tighter budget it is still possible to get some really great heart shaped necklaces for under $50.

Argentium Silver Heart with Diamonds Necklace Pendant on 18-Inch Chain

This first necklace is an elegant argentium sterling silver heart pendant that features 0.02 carats of natural, good-cut diamond studs inset into one side. The diamonds are a minimum clarity of I2-I3 and are round in shape. The polished silver and subtle diamonds make this pendant a nice accessory for any outfit. The pendant is 0.644 inches high and 0.76 inches wide and comes on a n 18-inch cable-type chain.

Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold Ruby Heart Necklace Pendant on 18-Inch Chain

This stunning necklace pendant is a 24.6 carat created heart shaped ruby in a sterling silver and 14 carat yellow setting that includes an additional heart shaped synthetic diamond. The ruby heart almost looks like it is wearing a gold and diamond crown. The pendant is 0.95 by 0.71 inches, weighs a total of 3.1 grams and comes on an 18-inch box-type chain.

Sterling Silver and 14K Pink Gold Diamond Triple Heart Necklace Pendant on 18-Inch Chain

This triple heart pendant features a white diamond set heart and two polished hearts of sterling silver and 14 carat pink-gold plating. The combination of metals and diamonds makes it a great match for any outfit.

The pendant is 0.72 inches by 0.8 inches, weighs a total of 4.1 grams and comes on an 18-inch box-type chain. The featured diamonds are naturally created heart shaped stones of I2-I3 clarity.

Sterling Silver and 14K Gold with Blue Topaz Heart Necklace Pendant on 18-Inch Chain

This necklace features a heart pendant of sterling silver with a 14 carat gold embellishment with a blue topaz in the centre. The topaz is the traditional birthstone of November and this extra attention to detail could really win over a Valentine born in November.

The heart pendant is 0.86 by 0.68 inches, weighs 4.4 grams and comes on an 18-inch box-type chain. The topaz is 1.5 carats and is a natural stone heat-treated to improve it's appearance.

Sterling Silver Marcasite and Clear Glass Heart Pendant on 18-Inch Chain

This necklace pendant is the same as the one featured in my $50 and under list except this one features a clear marcasite glass heart. The difference may be worth paying for such a unique piece if the cheaper ruby-coloured pendant doesn't suit. But if the ruby color is preferred I highly recommend opting for the cheaper option.

Black diamonds are a real stand out alternative to traditional white diamonds making this pendant a great gift for someone who likes to be a little different. This heart pendant is 0.58-inches by 0.58-inches and features a sterling silver, black rhodium and black diamond quilted pattern. The pendant hangs from an 18-inch cable-type necklace chain with spring-ring-clasps.

Customers who bought this necklace on Amazon gave it unanimously positive reviews with one saying: "I was delightfully surprised by its loveliness. I think the picture, while accurately depicting the design. doesn't do justice to the lovely piece of jewellery that it is."

Sterling Silver Swiss Blue Topaz and Diamond Heart Pendant on 18-Inch Chain

This eye-catching pendant features a blue topaz centre-heart with a diamond outer-heart and an ornate sterling silver scrollwork design between. The central topaz is the december birthstone and is reputed to inspire creativity and concentration. The pendant comes on an 18-inch box-type chain.

Reviews for this Blue Topaz and Diamond Heart Pendanton Amazon

When deciding on what style of heart is best for your Valentine affection it is important to consider factors such as: their other jewellery, the type and color of clothes they like to wear and the occasions that they might wear the necklace on. Here are a few guidelines:

Buying necklace pendants online is a great choice, you can often find pieces for much cheaper than retail and there is little risk that they will not fit as necklace chains are fairly universal.

However, to reduce risk it is a good idea to only buy from online vendors that have a good returns policy and that the item you are buying has positive reviews (4-5 out of 5 stars).Amazonis a great choice for these reasons and for their sales on jewellery leading up to Valentines day.

It's great to know that you can stick to a $100 budget and still get great-looking, high quality heart shaped necklace pendants. I hope this list has given you some ideas on what gift to get your partner (or partner to be). Best of luck!